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Hello, my name is Ruth. And, as the web address implies, ruthsinformationabout.com is a collage of the things I love and am passionate about.
So, with that passion in my pocket, I sought out to create a platform to share the things I've learned! Enter this website. Here you will find a little bit of everything from natural health to new adventures. I love life, and I'd love to share a little life with you. Please take some time to look around, and thanks for clicking!
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Outdoorsy Gift Ideas for Outdoorsy Dads

Are you looking for an awesome gift for the outdoorsy dad in your life? Skip the tie this time around and look for something to fuel his inner adventurer. This quick guide is perfect for the average outdoorsman – there’s something for every sporting enthusiast, wilderness explorer, treasure hunter, or traveler. Weather Radio A weather […]

Giraffe Manor

Love Giraffes? See Amazing Giraffe Manor!

Giraffe Manor is a small hotel in the Karen suburb of Nairobi, Kenya which, together with its associated Giraffe Centre, serves as a home to a number of endangered Rothschild giraffes, and operates a breeding programme to reintroduce breeding pairs back into the wild to secure the future of the subspecies Giraffe Centre From Wikipedia, […]


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A Furry Friend is the Best Medicine A Furry Friend is the Best Medicine By Dr. Jane If having a pet makes you happy, you can bet that your companion animal could bring a smile to someone else’s face. Science is showing that not only can the presence of a pet boost a person’s mood; […]

How to Prepare For a Scuba Diving Vacation

How to Prepare For a Scuba Diving Vacation

Every year, thousands of divers travel to exotic destinations for dive vacations. If you are planning on taking a dive vacation, it is important to prepare adequately for your trip. There are several ways to prepare for a dive vacation. The easiest is to sign up for a dive group trip from a dive center. […]

Photo Editing Made Easy

When we are given opportunities to venture into the world we live in, and explore new parts of that world, we want to make memories while we are in the experience. To capture those memories, we often use photography as a means to freeze moments in time, and to be able to revisit those moments […]

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7 Reasons You Need To Take A Nutritional Supplement

Why do you and I need to take a nutritional supplement for our health and well being?  In past years, the medical profession did not promote nutritional values to their patients. Many doctors even denied that nutrition could help in our well  being.  Today’s doctors know better. Today the majority of doctors include the value […]

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Vancouver Florist

At flowers on 1st we take great pride in providing the very best product at a reasonable price, all floral arrangements delivered throughout Canada are being forwarded to selected partners and wire service member across British Columbia as well as Canada wide. Daily nonstop delivery of flowers, fruit baskets and chocolates to the BC Cancer […]


Are You Tired Of Entertaining, Spending A Fortune On Your Kids 24-7?

A very interesting article in Huffington Post. The author writes about what our grandmothers would think about the pressures parents put on themselves today. She questions if it is a mom’s job to entertain, and keep her kids entertained 24/7 with elaborate crafts and activities? Of course the moms that entertain their kids, buy them […]