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Hello, my name is Ruth. And, as the web address implies, this site is a collage of the things I love and am passionate about.
So, with that passion in my pocket, I sought out to create a platform to share the things I've learned! Enter this website. Here you will find a little bit of everything from natural health to new adventures. I love life, and I'd love to share a little life with you. Please take some time to look around, and thanks for clicking!

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Here Are Some Good Omege 3 Heart Health Posts

How Much Fish Oil? What Is A Good Fish Oil Dosage? By Ruth on Monday, June 25th, 2012 Please do NOT confuse ***1000 mg fish-oil with ***1000 mg Omega3. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME! How Much Fish Oil? Here is one omega 3 recommendation for Per-Day: -depression: 1000mg -heart disease: 1000mg -skin disorders: 1000mg -blood […]

lounging pug

What Do Dog Trainers Do?

Each person have varying ways of enjoying their discretion in life. There are growing numbers of people who have taken their spare time to help dog owners become more responsible with the care and training of their dearest pet friends, some of which include simply making sure the dog is protected and safe within the […]

healthy avocado recipe

Delicious, Healthy Avocado Recipe You Will Love

I received this email from Chad Tackett of Biotrust (of which I am an affiliate), they have some  Awesome nutritional product!  And, since I love avocado, here is the recipe, “I’ve got a delicious new avocado recipe that I think you’ll love.   It’s an excellent source of healthy fat (avocados) mixed with protein (Greek […]


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The Good About Protein And Nutrition In Biotrust  Biotrust uses only top of the line quality that are natural ingredients . These are free from hormones, or antibiotics, or artificial sweeteners, and colors, flavors or preservatives. Very Important Christmas Joy To The World  Christmas Joy To The World. Peace and Goodwill To All. Let The […]

functional medicine

Why You May Need A Functional Medicine Practitioner

I would like to introduce you to a Columbus Ohio Functional medicine practitioner. Why?  Because this is a practitioner that practices patient-centered healing. Just like the graphic shows, we have an “outside” of where we can see and feel disease and a deeper “hidden” part of which is the root cause of our disease. Functional […]